The Best Philip Larkin Poems Everyone Should Read

I’ve just come across this on the Interesting Literature blog – a personal choice of 10 Philip Larkin poems. Includes some of my favourites, and well worth a read.

Interesting Literature

Our pick of the 10 best Philip Larkin poems and why you should read them

Trying to create a ‘top ten’ definitive list of Philip Larkin’s best poems is impossible, not least because each Larkin fan will come up with a slightly different list. However, we’ve tried our best to bring together some of Larkin’s most classic poems here. Whether you’re a devoted fan of the great man’s work, or seeking an introduction to a handful of his best poems, you should find something of interest here.

We’ve provided the year of composition for each poem rather than the date of publication; given that all but one of the poems in the list appeared in one of just three volumes of poetry (published in 1955, 1964, and 1974), and Larkin sometimes kept a poem for several years before publishing it, we figured that knowing when he wrote it (or, more…

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One thought on “The Best Philip Larkin Poems Everyone Should Read

  1. Thank you for finding this! I saved it until I had the time to read it and I have just had the most wonderful interlude rediscovering old friends and taking time over acquaintances that I might never have bothered to cultivate further 🙂

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