pom poms and ice cream

The square at La Chaise Dieu
The square at La Chaise Dieu

It was another very warm afternoon yesterday, so we decided to take a trip out to La Chaise Dieu. It’s at a higher altitude than our house, and often seems to catch the breeze. It also has a magnificent, and very cool, abbey, and a patisserie that sells wonderful ice creams, so it’s a good choice on a hot day.

I’m always vaguely surprised when it’s busy, as we’ve often been there and found tumbleweed blowing down the streets. It’s another one of those places that only really comes alive in July and August, and there are even craft shops that just open for those two months each year.  I’m not sure what the pom-poms on the fountain signify (if anything).

And here it is; the all-important ice cream.

I chose raspberry and this one is myrtille, which I would call bilberry, but I think most people would know it as blueberry.

So, there we are: a leisurely wander round, a bit of window shopping, and ice cream, et voila, one hot afternoon spent very pleasantly. Just two more until we get some much needed rain on Saturday.

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