Léotoing and Blesle

view from Léotoing
view from Léotoing

We had a little excursion last week to visit the tricky-to-pronounce villages of Léotoing and Blesle.

Both are situated along the Alagnon river valley, but whilst Blesle is down in the valley bottom, Létoing perches high above, with spectacular views over the surrounding countryside.

As well as the views, Léotoing boasts a 12th century romanesque church, and a castle which dates in parts to 1060. The castle is ruined, and you can’t go inside, but, rather thrillingly, you can take a virtual 3D tour.

Blesle is officially one of the most beautiful villages in France, the French not liking to leave such things to chance. It is a very pretty place, with the remains of a 9th century Benedictine abbey, tiny mediaeval streets, fortified buildings and ancient walls. It also features the Musée de la Coiffe, a museum of traditional head coverings, which I have to admit we have never felt the need to visit, and a very nice hotel and restaurant called La Bougnate, which we have.

It’s easy to forget that there are such lovely places nearby, so it was good to take some time out of the daily routine and play at being tourists for a while.

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