flaming june

rose ‘golden celebration’

I’ve been neglecting my blog disgracefully for the past couple of weeks, largely because summer has arrived with a vengeance in Grahy. We’ve had days of blue skies and sunshine, with temperatures today and yesterday in the mid to high 30s centigrade. It’s a bit too hot for me, to be honest, although I’m really not complaining, as this time last year it was chilly and very wet. I’ll be glad when the temperatures drop back down to the mid 20s next week though.

We’ve been spending the mornings in the garden, getting the last of the seedlings planted out before it gets too hot. We’ve also had a bit of an issue with voles eating our broad beans and leeks, but we think (hope) that we’ve triumphed – the full gory details are over on the 750 metres blog if you’re interested!

In the afternoons, I’ve mostly been working in the little house, which has very thick stone walls, and is always cool. I’ve also been seeking out a little shade on the terrace, and I’m gradually re-reading all of Ruth Rendell’s Inspector Wexford novels. I think they’re perfect for a hot afternoon.

We’ve managed to fit in a couple of excursions, including a trip to Blesle, of which more later. In the mean time, here are some views of summer in Grahy.

I must get down to some serious jewellery-making in the next few days. I had a visit yesterday from a group of French ladies who are staying with our neighbours and doing a pottery course, and they bought quite a few pieces between them. I’m also negotiating a commissioned design, so lots of work to do. Those Wexford novels might just have to wait for a little while.

4 thoughts on “flaming june

  1. Sounds like you are having glorious weather though it does seem hot – that’s more like Perth’s summer temperatures! Do you have air conditioning? I didn’t realise it got so hot in the Haute-Loire it sounds more like the Mediterranean. The thick stone walls of the old house sound perfect though for keeping cool! Gorgeous photos 🙂

  2. It’s unusual here, especially this early in the year. The whole of France is having a bit of a heat wave at the moment. We should be getting some storms over the weekend, with cooler days to follow.

  3. I arrived back from a month in cold wet windy Oxford to be greeted with 36 degrees and rising … yesterdays storm was beyond welcome but sadly too late for the herb garden on my balcony 😦

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