weekly photo challenge: early bird

Leeds Town Hall, Central Library & Art Gallery
Leeds Town Hall, Central Library & Art Gallery

This photograph dates back to when I was working at the Central Library in Leeds. I used get up early to catch a train into the city centre, then walk up to the library and start work at 8.30 – you can see from the Town Hall clock that I was there in plenty of time on this particular morning.

I think that I took this picture of The Headrow on a cold and frosty December morning not long after I’d started to work there in 2007. It was taken with an old iPhone 3G, so the quality may not be the best, but for me it really evokes the feel of those early mornings, when I was excited to have a new job, and to be working in the city centre.

It feels like a long time ago, especially as my life now is so different. It’s certainly quite a while since I could in any way be described as an early bird!

There have been some really interesting and diverse responses to this week’s photo challenge – take a look over on the WordPress Daily Post blog.

2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: early bird

  1. Great picture and a lovely narrative to go with it … long ago and far away it may be but you speak with the enthusiasm of the girl with a new job making sure she was the early bird!

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