silver birch choker


silver birch bark pendant €37
silver birch bark pendant €37

I’ve recently added this new design to my online shop. It’s an elegantly curved silver pendant, designed to mimic the curling bark strips of the silver birch tree. The silver pendant tapers gently from the bottom, and the top has been rolled over to form a loop, which carries a leather thong. It’s intended as a choker, worn close around the neck, but would work equally well on a longer cord or chain, and the loop is large enough to make swapping it around to achieve different looks very easy to do.

I thought you might like to see some photos of work in progress. I made a rough prototype in copper first, just to check the dimensions. Let It Be and Abbey Road by The Beatles provided the soundtrack!

I really like the textured bark finish that my rough old hammer gives, and I have a range of silver birch-inspired designs, including a wrap-around ring that would make a perfect companion piece for this necklace.

3 thoughts on “silver birch choker

  1. Love that finish, experimented a little with copper at Art college so many years ago. If I hadn’t gone down Fine Art route, would have been jewellery for sure!

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