winter colour

beech trees around Grahy

We’re enjoying (if that is the word) a sharp spell of winter weather at the moment, with frequent snow showers and daytime temperatures hovering around 0 degrees centigrade.

I sometime find January and February a bit of a drag. Christmas is over, it’s still a while until spring starts to show itself, and the weather is often cold, grey and damp. So, on the whole, I don’t mind a bit of snow, especially as I no longer have to get out of bed, clear the car, and set off for work first thing in the morning.

And, really, there is still colour to be found, if you know where to look. We walked up into the woods yesterday, and found these beautiful beech trees, with some bronze leaves still clinging on. They show up really well against the white of the snow, and the pale grey of the sky.

I’m still looking forward to spring, but it is good to remember that it’s not all dark skies and bare branches at this time of year.

2 thoughts on “winter colour

  1. I love what the snow has done here – not least to highight the bronzed leaves against the blue white of the snow. Fabulous 🙂

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