weekly photo challenge: serenity

I’m just sneaking in under the wire with this week’s photo challenge. We’ve had a very cold, grey week, with occasional snow and frequent mists, which hasn’t been very inspiring. So, for my photograph of ‘serenity’, I’ve delved back into the archive.

This photo was taken on an autumn evening, just along the lane and up the hill from our house. It’s a favourite walk, quite thickly wooded most of the way, but opening up in two or three places to stunning vistas over the valley.

This particular shot was taken only a few days after we moved over from the UK. We’d had a frantic few months, working out notice at work, packing all our belongings and sorting out the admin and paperwork. It was a long drive from Yorkshire to Auvergne, and we we both totally frazzled by the time we arrived. We walked up the road one evening and found this beautiful, serene view. It would have been pretty much silent, with maybe just the sound of the wind, passing birds, and maybe an aeroplane high above. Just what we needed, and just what we were looking for when we made the move.

The theme of serenity has certainly struck a chord this week – take a look at how other bloggers have responded.

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