weekly photo challenge: converge

electricity pylon and wires
electricity pylon and converging wires

Winter seems to have arrived promptly today on the first of December. It’s chilly, damp and misty, and there’s a chance that we’ll get some snow later in the week. Luckily, we’d arranged to take the car into the garage to get the winter tyres fitted this morning.

This involves us driving down the hill to the village, walking back up to our hamlet, then reversing the process once the work is done. It’s a steep twenty minute climb up (slightly quicker on the way down), but the route is very pretty, and it certainly beats dropping my car off at a Quick Fit in Leeds then walking to work, which is what I used to do.

On the way, we pass under some electricity lines, and today I was really struck by the bold, geometric shapes of this pylon, and the way the converging cables vanished into the mist. It actually looked quite beautiful, which is a strange thing to say about a pylon. Context is everything!

Incidentally, this photo isn’t in black and white. It really is that sort of a day. This is how it looked.

This prompt has produced some really great posts from other bloggers. Take a look at this WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge post to see some examples.

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