weekly photo challenge: minimalist


This week’s photo challenge asks us to illustrate the word ‘minimalist’, which happens to suit a piece of jewellery that I’ve just finished.

This is a textured silver ring, which gradually tapers as it spirals around the finger. The design is very minimal, and relies on its strong lines and careful finishing to make an impact.

Actually, most of my designs tend to be fairly minimal, partly because that reflects my own taste, and partly because my inspiration comes from natural forms. This piece, for example, is based on the bark of the birch tree, which peels off in long, silvery spirals. The metal was marked with the edge of a hammer to replicate the distinctive patterns of birch bark, then oxidised to emphasise the marks. And that’s all it needed really, no need for any further embellishment.

Don’t be deceived though – minimalism can be hard work! The finish needed to be perfect, so there was a whole lot of filing, sanding, polishing and buffing involved.

There have been some great responses to this prompt – you can see photos from other bloggers on the WordPress blog.

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