oak leaves and acorns


Autumn is well underway here in Haute-Loire, and most of the leaves have now turned to their seasonal golds, oranges, reds and browns. A lot of the acorns on the oaks have turned brown and fallen too, but I found these green survivors still on the tree when we were out cycling yesterday.

I wanted some green, unripe acorns because they were what I had in mind when I came up with  these earrings. I’ve been planning to try this type of earring for a while, and it lends itself to a leaf and bead design.

The leaves are cut from sheet silver, and soldered to one end of a piece of silver wire. The little acorn beads are threaded onto the other end, and the wire is flared slightly on the end to keep the beads in place. A little loop is formed at the balance point, and the design hangs from simple silver earring wires. The acorns are represented by two of the freshwater pearls that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. They’re a really beautiful pale lustrous green, and they sit neatly in tiny silver cups.

Apologies if you prefer not to contemplate Christmas until mid-December, but I know some of you will already be thinking about gifts, and these would be perfect for female friends or relatives. They’d be great for the festive party season too, if you’re thinking of treating yourself, and would look stunning with short hair, or longer hair in an up-do. You can find them, together with lots of other new designs, in my online shop.

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