new moon

My mission to take a decent photograph of the moon continues. My last attempts were of a full moon, and whilst I like the results as photographs, the moon wasn’t really sharp in them.

The clocks have now gone back here, so it’s getting dark an hour earlier in the evenings. I stepped outside yesterday at around 18.20, and saw this beautiful new moon, sailing in a clear sky, through a gap in the trees. Luckily, the camera and tripod were at hand, and I got this shot.

Technically speaking, it’s apparently a first quarter waxing crescent moon, but new moon is close enough for me. Here’s a shot with more moon and fewer trees.

Seeing a crescent moon always makes me think of one of my favourite lines of poetry, ‘Curved like a new moon, moon-luminous’, from W B Yeats’ Meditations in Time of Civil War . He’s describing an ancient sword in the poem, and reflecting on the nature of change, which makes the use of the moon simile so appropriate, but mostly I just love the way that line sounds when you say it out loud – give it a try.

So, overall I’m fairly pleased with these shots, although the second one isn’t pin sharp. I’ll keep trying!

One thought on “new moon

  1. Thank you for the Yeats … I adore him, that poem, that line – perfect 🙂
    Last night I bowed to the New Moon (though you are right, it is not strictly new) – a custom I can’t bring myself to forget from childhood … bow and make a wish – its pleasing

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