beech leaf

beech trees near Grahy
beech trees near Grahy

The trees in the woods around the house are really starting to take on their autumn tints now, particularly these beech trees along the lane. Beech leaves turn such a beautiful colour, shading from a light gold through to really deep, rich ruddy copper tones. Their nuts are very pretty too, not that we see that many. We usually just find the empty husks, after the local squirrels and jays have finished with them.

The turning of the season has coincided with me acquiring some really lovely freshwater pearls in a variety of gorgeous autumn colours, ranging from light cream through pale golden-green, pale bronze, purple and a rich dark brown.

freshwater pearls
freshwater pearls

Aren’t they beautiful? I love the lustre of their surface. I’m very excited about incorporating them into my designs, and I already have lots of ideas for how to use them. The cream ones, for instance, are just asking to be used as mistletoe berries, and I can definitely see some acorns in there too.

However, my first new design is based on those beech leaves. I cut a leaf from silver sheet, and added some texture with the side of a hammer. I used one of the rich brown pearls as a beech nut, complete with a little textured silver husk (I think the technical term is ‘beech mast’). The leaf has been oxidised, and I’ve added a heavy oxidised silver chain to complement the pendant.

The finished product is available in my online shop now, together with some other recent designs. I’ll be adding new items regularly for the next few weeks, including some more designs featuring those pearls. You can either follow me on Twitter, or ‘like’ my Facebook page if you would like to keep up to date with developments!

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