UK road trip – Seaham and the Yorkshire Dales

The second leg of our recent trip to the UK saw us staying with friends near Seaham. Luckily enough, we arrived in time for Sunday lunch, and headed straight out to the coast for some fish and chips.

Seaham used to be a mining town, and there is still plenty of evidence of its industrial heritage, and subsequent economic decline. It is currently undergoing a bit of a renaissance, with this stunning sculpture commemorating the first world war, a redeveloped marina, a lifeboat museum, and lots of interesting little boutiques and coffee shops. Oh, and some fantastic fish and chips.

The next day, we drove across to the Yorkshire Dales. One of the things we really wanted to do on our trip was one of our favourite walks, a circular route from the falls at Aysgarth out to Bolton Castle and back via Carperby. We used to go walking in the Dales most weekends, whatever the weather, but on this occasion we were blessed with clear skies and bright sunshine – enough to require sun screen, in fact.


One of the things I do miss about the UK is the Dales landscape. We do a lot of walking here in France, and it’s incredibly beautiful, but there’s something very unique and special about the old walls, rolling hills and stone barns of the Dales. Here are some more views. Thankfully, we managed to get past the enormous bull pictured bottom right without incident.

A quick celebratory ice cream at Aysgarth, and we headed back. I’d developed the beginnings of a nasty cold by this point, and had to be liberally dosed with the finest hot whisky toddy known to man. Thank you David and Mark for that, and indeed all your hospitality.

The next stage of our trip took us on to the Lake District, of which more at a later date.

3 thoughts on “UK road trip – Seaham and the Yorkshire Dales

  1. Have very much enjoyed this article – I grew up in Yorkshire and go back each year to visit my family there. My parents live in Harrogate and my aunt in Burley In Wharfedale so if the weather permits we drive up the Dales. Aysgarth Falls are beautiful! Monsieur Le Chic’s mum was born in Seaham so I’m interested in the photos you took there too, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Small world indeed! I think my dad goes to the Harrogate Library I must ask him! Harrogate has quite a French feel, I always think, especially the Montpellier Quarter – lovely shops and restaurants there Le Jardin is my favourite 🙂

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