Le Tour de l’Avenir – Stage 2


As planned, we drove over to La Chaise-Dieu to catch part of stage 2 of the Tour de l’Avenir yesterday afternoon. The last few kms of the drive were along the route of the race, so we were able to scout out a good place to stand and watch, and we walked back there once we’d parked the car. Then we just had to wait for a while… but it was a sunny day, we had a flask of coffee, the scenery was beautiful, and once again there was a cheerful small crowd, including several people on bikes. Chapeau to them; there is no easy route up to La Chaise-Dieu, which is at an altitude of 1082m.

We had a great vantage point when the race came through, as they came along the road below us, turned through a hairpin bend, then climbed past us, at a slightly slower pace this time. Still way faster than anything I could manage on the flat though, never mind uphill. Photos are all courtesy of David at the 750 metres blog once again.

All that waiting in the sunshine was thirsty work, so we finished the day with a cool beer in the square in front of the abbey in La Chaise-Dieu.

As for the cyclists, they still had over 100km to go on the stage, and then five more days of racing. Bonne chance to all of them.

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