weekly photo challenge: texture

20140812-153613I featured the seed heads of our honesty plants in an earlier post. They were still very green and smooth at that point. A couple of months have passed since then, and they are rapidly drying out, and taking on a crinkled, textured parchment-like appearance.

Don’t they look wonderful? To my mind, they were just asking to be turned into a design for a pair of earrings. So, I went to work…

The really important thing for me was to capture the texture of the dried seed heads. I did this by beating the silver shapes using the flat edge of this hammer.

As you can see, it’s very old and beaten up. I think it used to belong to my grandmother, so I suppose it’s a bit of an heirloom. Anyway, the edge has been well-used, and has a lot of little tiny nicks, which transferred really well to the softened silver. Small silver beads stand in for the individual seeds, and the finished earrings hand from long, elegant wires.

You can see more pictures of my honesty seed head earrings by visiting my online Etsy shop.

7 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: texture

  1. That’s right. The French name is monnaie du pape, which translates as the pope’s coins.

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