I’ve been back in my workshop for the past few days after a bit of an absence, mostly due to watching the Tour de France on TV I’m afraid. Here’s the result – a pair of silver earrings inspired by foxglove flowers.

silver foxglove earrings €35
silver foxglove earrings €35

I love the tall, elegant flower spikes of foxgloves, and we get a lot of the wild purple-coloured ones growing in the hedgerows and verges around here. This year, we’ve also grown a cultivated white variety called ‘Alba’, which are very dramatic.

foxglove alba
foxglove alba

I’ve been pondering this project for a while, as I had to come up with a way to make the bell-shaped flowers. I work with silver sheet, and cutting out the right shape, then bending it round to form cups wasn’t easy. Silver becomes more flexible when it is heated, but as soon as you start working it, it hardens again. There was quite a lot of repeated heating, bending and hammering involved with these earrings. There may even have been some mild swearing along the way. I got there in the end though.

I was going to give them an oxidised finish, but they looked so lovely and sparkly when I’d finished polishing them that I decided to leave them. The inside of the flowers has a matte brushed finish, just to provide a bit of contrast.

Here’s a close up view. You can find some more photos and information in my online shop.

foxglove earrings

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