weekly photo challenge: contrast

Pictured above are our two cats, Sophie and Jess. Sophie is the black and white one, Jess is the tabby. They’re sisters, and they usually get on well together, although they do have their moments.

20140513-174642They look very different, and they have quite distinct personalities too.

Jess is pretty relaxed and laid-back, much given to sitting around the garden looking thoughtful, with occasional forays into the undergrowth or up a tree. She’s the quieter and the more affectionate of the two.

Sophie, in contrast, has a wail that could wake the dead, and will duck away when you try to stroke her, unless she’s in the mood. She’s constantly on the move, and rarely relaxes. She catches a lot of small furry rodents, which she’s always very keen to bring to our attention.


Jess catches quite a few too, to be fair. She just makes a lot less fuss about it.

They sleep in my workshop, the idea being that they keep it free of mice and other unwanted visitors for me. This works well, except when they introduce the visitors themselves via the cat flap, then let them go inside. 

On the whole though, they’re good company when I’m working, although Sophie seems to have an innate sixth sense that alerts her when I’m trying to something particularly fiddly, and she’ll instantly climb on my lap and demand a fuss. Or start playing with my files and stealing my pencils. Or trying to drink my water. She has quite an extensive and varied attention-grabbing repertoire. Jess generally just ignores me and goes to sleep.

Different as they are, they’re both good to have around. Even Sophie.




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