copper poppy

Here is my latest jewellery design.

copper poppy necklace €30.00
copper poppy necklace €30.00

It’s a single poppy flower, made from copper, with a little ball of silver in the centre. It hangs from a silver cable necklet, which has been threaded through two holes drilled into the flower’s petals.

Here is the direct inspiration for the design, photographed whilst out walking last week. I do love poppies, they’re so bold and bright.

poppy flowerI wanted a subtle patina on the inner surface of the flower, just enough to take the edge off the bright pinky colour of freshly polished copper. I sealed the flower in a plastic box with a hard boiled egg for 48 hours, and this is how it turned out. I love the mottled surface, the individual swirls of colour, and the way the copper still shows through underneath. I’ve polished the outer edge of the flower, just to emphasise the outline, and the silver ball in the centre.

I’m really happy with the finished piece, which has a lovely organic feel to it. I’m a big admirer of the Arts and Crafts movement, and I like to think it captures some of the spirit of that style, particularly in the simple form and emphasis on the natural qualities of the copper.

You can find more details and photographs in my online shop.

3 thoughts on “copper poppy

  1. it’s delicate and beautiful; you put an awful lot of effort into your pieces, and I think that comes from love of what you do, it shines through your work 🙂

  2. That is gorgeous! Love the patina of copper, trying to get it into more of my interior design projects!!
    We learnt how to work copper at Art College but sadly none of my jewellery from back then survives. My most successful piece was a copper pendant cut into a very fiddly fern shape!

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