weekly photo challenge: split second story


I captured this bee in the split second when it landed on a scabious flower in a wild part of our garden. I was actually going for a photograph of the flower, so the bee was a bit of a bonus.

The whole garden is absolutely buzzing with bees at the moment. They seem to be particularly attracted to our comfrey bed (we grow comfrey to use as an organic fertiliser), but they’re certainly doing their bit to pollenate our fruit too. Later, they’ll be all over the wild oregano, along with some small tawny-patterned butterflies, which haven’t appeared yet.

We do what we can to encourage bees and butterflies into our garden here in Grahy, growing plants that flower early to provide them with spring nectar, leaving un-mown areas of grass and wild flowers (some might say weeds), and not using insecticides. It certainly seems to be paying off.

It’s lovely to see so many bees around, and so many different species, especially when there is widespread concern about their numbers falling. Long may they continue to do their vital work.


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