forget me not

I’ve been working on some slightly abstract new designs over the past few weeks. These earrings, which I’ve made in both post and dangle versions, are based on forget me not (myosotis) flowers.

silver forget me not drop earrings €27.00
silver forget me not drop earrings €27.00
silver forget me not post earrings €19.00
silver forget me not post earrings €19.00

We have forget me nots growing all over the garden at the moment. They self seed like crazy, but I tend to leave them to it rather than pull them up, because they’re such a gorgeous colour.

forget me not flowers
forget me not flowers

For the earrings, I simplified the shape of the flower, merely suggesting petals, and I soldered tiny balls of silver in the centres. You would not believe how tricky it is to solder a small silver ball to the centre of a flower shape, but I got there in the end!

I oxidised the flowers, but polished the central ball, to get the contrast between the blue petals and the yellow middle that it so striking on the real flowers.

I’m hoping they’ll appeal to people looking for birthday gifts for loved ones. In the language of flowers, forget me nots symbolise true love and memories, so they would be particularly appropriate. They would also be lovely for a summer wedding, maybe as gifts for a bridesmaid and younger flower girl.

As ever, you can see more photos and find more details in my online shop.


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