water lily

We’ve had a couple of grey, wet days, which has been a bit of a shock after all the sunshine. On the plus side, it’s been good for the garden, and it has encouraged me to get back into the workshop and make some jewellery.

I have some new designs ready to add to my Etsy shop, once the proper photographs are done (this is quite a lengthy process), but here’s a sneak preview of my favourite. It’s a water lily, complete with lily pad, inspired by the water lilies that grow in an old stone drinking trough down in our nearest village of Vals-le-Chastel.

water lily

It was made by hand from silver sheet, and it was quite a fiddly job! I oxidised the surface so that it turned a pale slate grey, then rubbed it back to allow the silver to show through. I like this finish, which has an antique feel, and gives a slightly more sophisticated  look than a uniform polished finish. It is particularly suited to more complicated three dimensional designs like this one, as it emphasises depth.

Here’s a close up.

water lily

The necklace will be for sale in my Esty shop very soon, so keep an eye out if you fancy treating yourself (or a friend). It won’t be today though – the sun has come out again, and we’re heading off for tea and cakes at a special easter Salon de Thé in nearby Champagnac le Vieux this afternoon. Hurrah!

2 thoughts on “water lily

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I am looking for someone to make a frog or a seal (will explain) for my husband for our first wedding anniversary … is this something that you could be able to do. He would probably not wear it so something tiny to put on his desk is the idea. Silver of choice. Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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