I’ve been neglecting my jewellery making shamefully for the past couple of weeks, I’m afraid. I was hoping to finish a matching set of necklace and earrings and post the pictures here, but the necklace sold before I had a chance to do the earrings!

The reason is that we’ve had a spell of gloriously unseasonable warm weather, and we’ve been taking the opportunity to get ahead with some jobs in the garden. So, I’ve been doing a lot of this:


Our garden is on quite a steep slope, and rather than get the whole thing terraced, which would be a huge job, we use raised beds to grow most of our vegetables. We put some in last year, but we have four more to add for this year. We managed to find enough planks of wood in our barn to make the beds (with a bit of creative joining), and we’ve got the first two finished and ready for planting. You can see from the picture below how we have to cut into the slope to get them level.


We’ve also woken the bikes from their winter hibernation, as my aching legs can testify. Here they are by the river in Lavaudieu, which is a short, pleasantly undulating ride from Grahy.

Sadly, the weather is set to break at the weekend, with rain and possibly wintery showers, so I may well be driven back to the workshop to finish off this brass ring, which I cut out over a week ago, and which has so far got no further since.


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