weekly photo challenge: three

My trio of photographs were taken in Brioude, in one of the narrow side streets that typify the town.

This particular street opens out onto a large square in front of the cathedral, La basilique Saint-Julien, and you can see the entrance porch in the larger photograph. Above the door one of the modern stained glass windows by the artist Kim En Joong, installed in 2008, is just catching the light.

The building on the left, with the table and chairs outside, is a tiny salon de thé called La Mirandelle, where we often call in for a drink on market days. The walls are lined with big tins of teas, coffees and tisanes from around the world, which you can either sample inside, or buy loose to take home. They also sell a small range of ceramics by local artisans. You can get an idea of the place from the photograph looking in through its window.

There is also a tiny upstairs room, up a narrow flight of extremely steep steps, which is pressed into service as a gallery during the bi-annual international watercolour festival.

I usually order a pot of tea or a tisane, mostly because I love all the paraphernalia  that comes with it – white china tea pot, matching cup and saucer, tiny jugs of milk and hot water. Yesterday though, there was chilly wind despite the sunshine, and I went for a cup of hot chocolate instead, as you can see from the third photograph. Delicious.

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