weekly photo challenge – selfie

in the workshop
in the workshop

I’m not really a big fan of selfies to be honest. I don’t know how other people manage to take them with their phones or tablets, because whenever I try I end up with half my face out of shot. Or I just look demented. Sometimes both.

So, I’ve gone for a more traditional approach, and used a camera with a timer and a tripod. I thought I’d try and capture my day, so it’s taken in my workshop in the little house. I’m heating a piece of silver with a blowtorch so that it becomes more malleable, and I can twist the ends into little loops. It will be an amber pendant when it’s finished – watch this space.

While I had the tripod out, I took some shots of my tools, my workspace, and the interior of the little house. They’re just small details, but they probably say as much about me as a random selfie would.

5 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – selfie

  1. Thank you Pam. I never like photos of myself very much, but I’m hoping all the paraphernalia in this picture will distract people!

  2. Love it – especially wood burner reflection
    Wish I was in France doing something creative!
    Unfortunately life is a right drag right now but I believe it will get better soon
    My sister loves your rings, think we may have a birthday present sorted..

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