weekly photo challenge: joy


We ventured into Clermont Ferrand, our nearest big city, this week, mainly to see the new Hobbit film in English, but also to have a bit of a wander around. We found the city centre very busy with families and groups of young people shopping and enjoying the holiday atmosphere. The ferris wheel seemed to be a particular attraction, and I assume the cries that we heard from on high were joy rather than terror!

Most of the shops had lavishly-decorated window displays, and the warm, bright interiors looked increasingly enticing as dusk fell and the temperature dropped. Here is my favourite, an artisan chocolatier. It smelt marvellous too.


Altogether more subtle, but no less beautiful, was the interior of the church of Notre-Dame-Du-Port. The nave was empty when this photo was taken, but it was surprising how many families with children were admiring the crib and lighting candles, both here and in the cathedral. Another way of expressing festive joy, perhaps.


After all that window shopping and sightseeing, we just had time for a quick sandwich, and the best raspberry macaron I have ever tasted, before heading to the Cinema Les Ambiances for the film. Which was, by the way, enjoyed in silence, with no crunching or rustling of foodstuffs, no chatting, no mobile phone use, and only cost €5,50. Joy indeed!

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