winter is here

Winter seems to have arrived with a vengeance here in Grahy. We’re coming to the end of our third day of snow and low temperatures. Everywhere looks very pretty, but it does make getting around quite difficult. I posted a photograph of the steps down to the terrace earlier this week. Here they are again, looking very different (and slightly treacherous) beneath a blanket of snow.


The nice thing about getting snow in November is that the beech and oak trees haven’t yet lost their leaves, and the golden-orange colours really stand out against all that whiteness.


I’ve been working away in the little house with the woodburner going full blast, and it’s been nice and cosy. I’ve been playing Tracey Thorn’s excellent Christmas album Tinsel and Lights a lot. Possibly slightly early, but all that snow makes it feel like it’s OK. That’s my excuse anyway! You can listen to the song Joy on her website, if you fancy a quick blast of festiveness.

I’m hoping to have some new designs finished over the new few days, so keep an eye on my Etsy shop, especially if you’re starting to look for Christmas gifts. Only 32 days to go…

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