morning glory

It’s nearly the end of September, and a lot of the summer flowers are past their best, but the convolvulus or morning glory is still blooming in hedgerows and gardens.

As bindweed, it can be a real problem in gardens, where it climbs over other plants and completely overwhelms them. Fortunately, we don’t seem to have any in our garden at the moment, which is maybe why I’m able to appreciate the beauty of its twisting, twining tendrils and, of course, its trumpet-like flowers.

There are also many cultivated varieties of convolvulus which people introduce to their gardens deliberately. We came upon this splendid example in the nearby village of Lavaudieu today, on our way to a rather delicious Sunday lunch at the restaurant Court La Vigne. Such a glorious shade of blue, especially on a dull day.

morning glory1

Wild or cultivated, morning glory was the inspiration behind a couple of my recent designs. The tendrils which enable the plants to climb and spread so easily are an integral part of the finished pieces, forming the wires for the earrings, and allowing the pendant to hang from a necklet of jewellery wire.

morning glory 2


morning glory 3

Both are available now in my Etsy shop.

I’m very pleased with these designs, so I’ll be experimenting with some further pieces, possibly using brass or copper for the flowers to introduce a contrast in colour.

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