daisy chain

Inspiration can come from the strangest places. Take this necklace. I was reading a book, and someone in it made a daisy chain. I say someone, it was actually a sentient drone on an alien planet, and it was created using a force field. If you’re a fan of the late great Iain M. Banks, this will make perfect sense. If you’re not, maybe you need to check out this article on his literary creation the Culture.

Anyway, the whole daisy chain thing was a bit unexpected in a sci fi book, especially one as dark as Use of Weapons, which is the (exceptionally brilliant) book in question.

However, it got me thinking about daisy chains, and how it had been years since I last made one. The daisies are pretty much over now, so no chance of having a go, but I did start pondering on whether I could make one as a piece of jewellery.

Et voila!

daisy chain1

Obviously I’ve been a little free with my interpretation of the daisy shape, but I wanted the flowers to be slightly wobbly, almost cartoon-like, rather than straight representations. They’re all (purposely) slightly different shapes too, which is something I like in a design like this one.

daisy chain2

Each of the five little flowers was cut by hand from 0.8mm silver sheet, polished, and given a hammered finish. Silver wire was passed through a tiny hole in the centre of each flower, and lightly hammered so that it flared slightly and held in place. The wire was then looped around the back of the next flower, so the necklace was actually formed like a chain, like so:

daisy chain3

I’m pleased with the result, which I think captures the spirit of a daisy chain, without necessarily being botanically accurate! The finished necklace is available in my Etsy shop now. 

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