a busy july

I seem to have pretty much taken a break from this blog for most of July. Not planned, just a very busy month. We had some friends to stay early on, then we headed straight off for a weeks holiday in Southern Burgundy. We stayed near Cluny, which is amazing, well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area, and looks a bit like this:

busy july1


We came back to an overgrown garden, in need of mowing, strimming and weeding. Since then, it’s been very hot, sunny and dry, which has meant a lot of watering. We are starting to harvest some of the stuff we planted in the garden now though, which makes it all seem worthwhile:

busy july2 Then there was the Tour de France to watch, apricot jam to make, the bi-annual watercolour festival in Brioude to visit, plus other local fairs and festivals that only seem to happen in July and August. What with all that, and keeping up with our usual walking and cycling… well, you get the picture.

It’s also been a very good month for my online shop, which has meant some serious time spent making new pieces to replenish the stock that has been sold. Here’s a flavour of what I’ve been working on:

bust july3


We’re set to have a fairly quiet August, enjoying the fruits of our labours in the garden, and the wine that we brought back from Burgundy. Then we have more visitors arriving in September, and I’ll be gearing up in the shop for, dare I say it, Christmas (sorry). In the mean time, we’re all enjoying a bit of shade on the terrace.

busy july4


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