digging and painting

Busy day today! We’ve had a problem for a while now with a couple of our downpipes not draining properly when it rains. We cleared the gutters and pipes, so concluded that the problem must be with the pipework underground. Today, a man came with his mini digger and did this:

digging and painting1


Turned out the old pipe had collapsed and filled with soil, and had to be replaced. Meanwhile, we started redecorating the Little House, which we’ve been meaning to get on with for ages now. Here’s the work in progress:

digging and painting2


The walls will be white, and the very dark wood cupboard fronts will be a pale blue/green colour, in an effort to make the place a bit brighter. Still a way to go, but pleased with progress so far.

It’s been hot all day, but an hour ago the sky went dark, and we had a very sudden and fierce thunderstorm, so the new pipework was tested earlier than expected. It’s all working fine – hurrah! The sun has now come out again, and we’re celebrating with a well deserved glass of sparkling cider. Cheers!

digging and painting 3