We’ve had a couple of weeks of really warm, sunny weather, alternating with heavy rain. As a result, the garden has gone berserk. Everything is growing like mad, which is obviously good news for the fruit, vegetables and flowers that we’ve planted. Unfortunately, the weeds have been equally enthusiastic, so we’ve spent a fair bit of time mowing, strimming and pulling up uninvited plants for the past few days.

We’re leaving some longer grass and wild flowers at the edges of the garden, as they’re good for the bees and butterflies, but the dandelions that are sprouting up everywhere really do have to go. Which is a shame in a way, because I love the seed heads, or dandelion clocks. They are so delicate and intricate, especially when viewed close up.


I have taken the shape and texture of dandelion clocks, and used them as a basis for these slightly abstract earrings. They are cut from sheet silver (and yes, they are intended to be slightly irregular…), then the design is pierced out using a tiny drill and very fine saw blade. I’m usually a sucker for a bright, shiny finish, but these have been left matte, which I think is closer to the appearance of the actual seed head. I’m pleased with the way they’ve  turned out – what do you think? They are available for sale on my Etsy shop




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