a little holiday, and back to work

I’ve been officially on holiday for the past couple of weeks whilst my mum visited from the UK, although she did come bearing a range of jewellery to be mended, adapted and fitted with new catches! We had sleet in her first week, and temperatures approaching 30 degrees in her second, so it’s fair to say she’s experienced the range of Auvergnat weather. She wanted to see some more of France, so we took her down to Provence, and spent a lovely few days around Vaison-la-Romaine and Avignon. We drove back via the Millau viaduct, which was absolutely spectacular, especially with the backdrop of a clear blue sky – take a look at the photo below.

a little holiday

We dropped her back at the airport on Thursday, so it’s back to the workshop for me. I’ve been working on a silver vine leaf pendant, which is turning out well. I’ll post a photo when it’s finished. I also have a couple of pairs of seed head earrings in brass and silver on the go. Most importantly though, I have a commission for a 40th birthday present to complete. I find working to someone else’s specifications a bit restrictive to be honest, and very nerve-wracking, but it’s a good opportunity, so head down and crack on!


One thought on “a little holiday, and back to work

  1. I missed this and the Polar Bear one below….Beautiful photo of Millau Viaduct (I hope to see it next year).I am off to look at then share Cecile's blog with a friendly bear I know 😉

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