green shoots

I have two small borders in front of the little house. When we first came here, they were completely overshadowed by a huge old walnut tree, and contained a few scabby-looking roses.

I cut the roses down at ground level, and planted some lavender and perennial geraniums. They all did okay last summer, despite one of the lavenders being trampled by the men who came to fit the woodburner, but the lack of sunlight was a problem.

We had the walnut tree cut down in the autumn, and the house and borders now get the sun all morning, through to early afternoon, so I’m hoping for great things this year. Already the geraniums and roses are shooting, and the allium bulbs that I planted in October are showing through. Just waiting for the fritillaries to appear now.

Most of the rest of the garden will be used for growing vegetables, so it’s nice to have this little area for flowers. I’m planing to have some pots full of things like geraniums on the terrace too.

The end wall of the house faces full south, and I’m contemplating trying to grow a vine. We’ll see!

green shoots2

green shoots3

green shoots1

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