snowy days

We woke this morning to our fourth day of falling snow. After a spell of mild and sunny weather, it seems that winter has returned to La Petite Maison. Everywhere is blanketed in white, and it does, as they say, look very pretty. Luckily we stocked up on supplies last week before it got too deep, so we’ll be OK for a few days. The cats are distinctly unimpressed, especially as the snow is now deeper than them in places.

snow days1


The colder weather has brought more birds into the garden and onto our bird feeder. The woods around the house are full of birds, and we regularly see jays, woodpeckers, nuthatches and long-tailed tits, as well as the more usual garden birds. However, they are not at all used to people, and are usually very flighty, so it’s been nice to get better views of them on the feeder.

We had some unexpected visitors yesterday, in the shape of two pairs of bullfinches. They seemed to be eating the remains of the unpicked fruit on the brambles behind the house. I love bullfinches, they’re stunning birds. The males in particular look spectacular against the snow, but the females are equally beautifull, with their more subtle colouring.

snowy days2


We have a couple more days of snow forecast. The first primulas were just starting to come into flower last week, and lots of plants were budding and shooting, so it will be interesting to see how things look when it finally melts.

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